In the middle of action!

If Be-LAB has created the e-patch, above all, it is to contribute
medical and social development.

Jean Philippe Garnier is working to ensure that our society evolves
towards new systems, which will allow men and women to obtain a better lifestyle and more information about their own physiological

To carry out this value project successfully, a team is needed. At the
moment, Frédéric Leconte, Operations Director, and Clément Lamblin,
Business Developer Project Manager, have formed the first foundations of
the BE-LAB employee team. The good news? We are working on building a
larger team in 2019! We look forward to building together the rest of
this adventure, which has started very well. And you? If you want to
join our team, we are looking for ten positions in 2019! Don’t wait any
longer to apply, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it:-).

If you have a passion for adventure, a desire to engage in an innovative
project at the cutting edge of technology, a passion for what you do,
simple and lively: click here to discover our current job offers and the
presentation of our Start-up.

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