How does the E-Patch work?

The answer is: simply!

The first step to take is to download. Once you have done this, you will
be able to enter your personal informations. Then make sure you are dry
when you take control of your e-patch.

Indeed, e-patch is sensitive to humidity: as you will have understood,
it absorbs sweat, the source of the analysis. It will be necessary to
place the e-patch on your forearm where we have an ideal rate of sweat
glands. This is the moment when the mobile application comes into play:
all you have to do is scan your e-Patch using your smartphone’s camera
and let yourself be guided!
The e-patch is connected, and you can start your day or your sports
session. These steps take only one minute the first time and then a few
seconds afterwards.

A little tip: scan it as many times as you like, you will increase the
accuracy of your efforts throughout the day. Finally, don’t be
surprised: you will observe the principle of colorimetry throughout your
session or your day. In other words, the e-patch will change color over

The e-patch is a second skin during your sports or daily introspections.
It supports each individual in their personal and physical development,
it is the tool of nowadays. And because e-patch is accessible, we offer
three formulas adapted to your sporting frequency and your use. We want
this new technology to be accessible.

To get the e-patch, it’s easy! Visit our online shop.

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