E-Patch, progress everyday

The E-PATCH, the product couple…

As we have already mentioned in our article “BeLAB Story”, the E-Patch
is a tool that allows you to measure the volume of sweat and calories
lost instantly.

This product was created by two researchers, Jean-Philippe Garnier and
Jean-Claude Darcheville, inspired by medical and technological advances.
The foundations of the research were based on the prevention of
dehydration in elderlies subjects as well as diabetics.

Each invention evolves over time: in this particular case, this measure
has given rise to two projects. One dedicated to the medical sector, a
second to the E-patch, dedicated to the sports and wellness sector. The
E-Patch will allow athletes and non-athletes interested in their water
(water loss) and caloric expenditure to increase their performance and
physical condition.

The E-Patch works as a duo. Indeed, this latest is coupled to
Appl’E-Patch, and this application delivers immediately your
information, as unique as you are. In addition, the E-Patch application
offers you personalized advice, such as the water needs of your
metabolism: very often we do not hydrate enough, or on the contrary too
much after exercise, which can have harmful effects on your health,
including the disruption of our sodium level. Concerning the interest of
athletes, hydration is a major factor in improving performance. However,
the caloric data of the E-Patch is just as important. The advice of the
Appl’E-Patch aims to improve the physiological balance and performance
of athletes. For a person concerned about their weight, the advice will
be accurate and the person concerned will have a result of their caloric
loss in real time. As you will have understood, we are all concerned and
potential users of the E-patch.

The E-patch is designed to be intelligent, but also discreet, practical
and easy to use. For single use only, each E-Patch is created for a
session, sporting or not. The E-Patch adapts to you according to your
choices and your personal needs.

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