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Dehydration, our solution
We are constantly told that we must drink regularly and enough to prevent dehydration in athletes and the average person. But you still have to know how and why to hydrate well… a vast subject!
At Be-Lab we have made this question on dehydration the core of our activity: the E-patch. In order to provide the best possible support for athletes and enable them to maximise performance in the service of their activity, we have developed a system capable of measuring water and caloric losses. A 2 in 1 product because, coupled with its smartphone application, it displays in real time and precisely, the collected data related to the activity.
A unique project Made in France
After nearly 7 years of R&D by researchers, scientists alongside top athletes, the E-patch is born. Designed, manufactured and patented, this product is a unique French innovation in the world and has also been awarded the “Act For Impact” label by BNP PARIBAS, a system dedicated to social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions for greater impact and access to the appropriate ecosystem.
Pre-sales on Ulule
After launching its phase of beta-testers selection via its network and via Racepack , E-patch started to open up pre-sale in the form of participatory financing on the Ulule platform.
Until July 26, each of you has the opportunity to contribute, participate in this campaign to support the project and benefit from discounts of up to 20% off for 10 years on e-patches. Enough to satisfy a large audience of sports enthusiasts of all kinds;) !
We look forward to seeing you now on Ulule: https://fr.ulule.com/epatch/
See you soon for the rest of the adventures!

How to become a Beta tester?

We want to involve everyone who wants to participate in our project and its emancipation…

marahton d'estaimpuis belgique

Marathon E-Patch

Created for the 1896 Athens Olympic Games, it was the French linguist Michel Bréal who proposed the idea of the marathon…

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If Be-LAB has created the e-patch, it is above all to contribute one more stone to the edifice of medical and social development…

E-Patch, progress everyday

As we were able to discuss together in our article “BeLAB Story”, the E-Patch is a tool that measures the volume of sweat and calories lost instantly…

How does the E-Patch work?

The answer is: simply!

The first step to take is to download. Once you have done this, you will be able to enter your personal information. Then make sure you are dry when you take control of your e-patch.

BE-LAB Story

What does the name of this Start up evoke?

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