BE-LAB Story

The history, the foundations…

What does the name of this Start up evoke?

When you dig a little deeper, it makes you want to know more: Behaviour
(comportement), and Laboratory (Laboratoire).

Indeed, BE-LAB is above all the story of two researchers, one
specialising in behavioural sciences, the other being a scientific

Between 2012 and 2016, the date BE-LAB was created, Jean-Philippe
Garnier and Jean-Claude Darcheville asked themselves more than one
question, after years of research, at the invention of a new
physiological measure that could determine both the volume of sweat and
that of calories expended, in a totally personalized and unique way. A
measurement that results in a support, itself connected to a mobile
application, allowing to transmit in real time the information of a
subject. In December 2016 BeLAB is incubated by Eurasanté. In 2017
things accelerate and BE-LAB wins the Silver Surfer competition. At this
time, BE-LAB focuses mainly on the measurement of water loss (volume of
water lost) before evolving a little later towards a more complete
product. In 2017 the project is focused on the medical sector, and more
specifically on the elderlies, who are considerably affected by

We are often very surprised to learn this, but the human body is
composed of 2/3 water. During daily life, dehydration can affect the
neurological, cardiovascular and urinary systems. And if we go any
deeper, be aware that dehydration can also lead to hyperthermia, one of
the symptoms of which is excessive sweating, which can be dangerous. Why
are older people more affected than young adults? The elderly person
doesn’t drink enough! Indeed, aging affects the brains of older people
who lose the feeling of thirst. So here are the foundations of BE-LAB
before 2018.

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