E-patch Sport

The first device in the world that provides you a personalized support with an ultra-precise measurement of your water losses and caloric expenses .

Analysis and colorimetry

Placed on your forearm, it collects your sweat, analyzes it, and changes color when you work out .

SmartPhone connection

Linked to your favorite mobile application, e-patch works as a duo: scan it regularly to get your results in real time.

Stats & Ranking

Compare your results with profiles having the same physiology and morphology as you, or on the contrary with different kind of profiles .

Advice and good practices

After training, receive personalized advice to have a better recover or to improve your next performance !

How it works?

We are reinventing the sports application: a simple, intuitive operation, combining e-patch and smartphone application.

E-patch Marathon Estaimpuis: join us !

Come to test e-patch and participate in the first marathon 3.0. The Estaimpuis e-patch marathon and half-marathon will take place on September 22, 2019 at 8am and 9am from Estaimbourg Castle. Will you be able to surpass yourself?

Technical Specifications

1Mobile application

Dimensions(Size) e-patch

2,80 cm x 2,80 cm x 0,2 mm


2 grammes


Hypoallergenic medical adhesive

12 heures


Latest advanced polymer techniques.

Caloric expenses

Precise, scientific and personalised monitoring .

water loss

Precise, scientific and personalized monitoring .

Secured Data

Hosting France - OVH


Get your results in one color change!

Sports Compatibility

For all activities (except water sports, for the moment) 😉

Use of the system

High level athletes, intermediates and beginners. Diet & WellnessGeneral public

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